I am a senior UI/UX designer who specializes in creating user-centric designs with clean and creative user interfaces.

About Me

I began my career as a designer with a heavy focus in visual design. I obtained a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Nebraska Omaha and immediately moved into a position as a web designer and developer. I got quickly found a passion for web and software design.

After being involved in the entire development lifecycle, I discovered that there was something that had been missing from making truly great products... the voice of the users that I was supposed to be designing for.

I focused on improving my knowledge of user experience through online resources and then moved into a UX specific design role so that I could focus more on user-interaction and a user-centric design approach.

I've been able to continue to grow as a UX designer through UX certifications, classes, and a continued focus on self-improvement. I'm constantly looking to learn, evolve, and improve as a designer and am always looking to put users first.